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Thursday 11 April 2013

446 gateway update

I have managed to get the PMR446 gateway back on air within the last 24 hours, using the 80GB WD hard disk, the original Maxtor hard disk has completely failed and has been removed from the machine awaiting tests to find out what happened to it and if it can be salvaged.

Reconnection of the autokey device to the computer was straight forward, it worked the first time, though there is an undesirable hum in the received audio it does not have a major effect and transmissions from the gateway are perfectly audible.  I may look into fitting a ground-loop isolator onto the gateway to see if that cures it but it isn’t a major issue at this time.

The gateway is operating on it’s usual channel and CTCSS, so feel free to use it if you are in Richmond, you may not get a reply immediately but be patient.


73 de 26CT730

Sunday 7 April 2013

PMR446 gateway failure

My PMR446 gateway has within the last month suffered a failure in either it’s hard disk controller or two seperate hard disks, this means it is currently off air and due to my fiancĂ©e visiting me this last month it has been awaiting repair as she has been priority.

I plan to install an offboard IDE controller in case the onboard one has indeed failed, should this not be the case I will be looking to source a new hard disk and possibly an SATA controller if I end up with an SATA hard disk in the machine.

My plan is to get the gateway working within the next week or two, and hopefully it will be back on air before the end of April.  I will also resume work with the CB antenna system to hopefully get the CB gateway on air properly in the not too distant future.

Hopefully all will be working again very soon


73 de 26CT730