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Friday 26 July 2013

SDR in the shack

The RTLSDR device arrived this morning and I have it currently in the shack connected to the shack computer, when I have a bit more time I will play with it further, perhaps even on my Android phone as I hear with a USB OTG cable this is possible.

I shall let you know how I get on

73 de 26CT730

Saturday 13 July 2013

Software Defined Radio

I am adding Software Defined Radio to the shack, this is in the form of a Realtek RTL2382U based USB DVB receiver, equipped with a R820T tuner that can receive from 24MHz and up, the shack computer has been set up in order to be able to utilise the RTLSDR when it arrives.

The receiver in question is this device from  The device comes with a very short antenna that plugs onto the unit using an MCX connector so you will need an adaptor to the Belling-Lee connector, then if you want a reasonably better connection you can get an adaptor from Belling-Lee to F connector

As a stopgap you could use a pair of "rabbit ears", which you can get from Poundland in the UK (or whatever you have in your country that is similar), something I have actually done with the FM broadcast receiver in my living room's Hi-Fi system and it works well in Band II despite suffering some damage, though it should receive other frequencies but a better antenna and coaxial cable would be more beneficial when possible, especially an outdoor antenna as it would be less prone to interference.

The same coaxial cable used for satellite dish LNB feedline is also a good idea as that is low-loss.  There are instructions online on how to build antennas for use with these devices as well as suitable software for all platforms and the drivers to make the devices work, do not use the CD supplied with the device as this is the software for using it as a television device.

This is something I have been meaning to play with for a long time, now I have that opportunity to do so, stay tuned for more.

73 de 26CT730