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Sunday 10 July 2016

End of blog silence

With the issues surrounding Chance Callahan KD0MXN now in the hands of the FCC and also his Internet Service Provider, I have decided to end my blog silence and post updates, I have monitored the local repeater almost near constant, and so far no connections incoming from KD0MXN, I'd only know about these from Echolink, if he connected via a local to him IRLP node it would not be easy to identify him until he transmits.

So, with that issue now out of my hands for the moment I have took the time to prepare to go to the National Hamfest in September/October (It will be the Saturday, which is the 1st October this year), you may remember from last year that I almost never made it due to car problems, my current car is due to undergo it's MOT at least two weeks before but will be done sooner than that all being well, and it should pass with flying colours or at least one advisory, it recently had potential failures in the shape of two wheel bearings and a badly rusted and improperly (temporary fix by me using piece of copper wire) attached exhaust replaced so that should make it clear for it's next MOT, though it will be given a check over before it is submitted to test to ensure any repairs needed are carried out before it is tested and I then end up in a situation where I may not make it to the Hamfest.

I have not had much success with System Fusion despite using this mode when in range of GB3CD, however as there are apparently 4 other club members so equipped with System Fusion equipment it is starting to take hold, however all my activity with System Fusion is done mobile, a good way to use it would be while I travel to the National Hamfest in September assuming there are compatible repeaters along the way, or I get onto a simplex call with someone else with a System Fusion radio, also if I head north to Newcastle or that sort of area, there is not only GB3CD while I am this side of Durham, but also GB3TW when I get closer to Gateshead, another idea is to try calling on the DV calling channel as System Fusion falls under DV

Having also noticed that IRLP is getting more use on the local repeater I am thinking about trying it myself, first with British nodes then onto American and Canadian nodes, and with my System Fusion interest I also want to try WIRES-X and see what that's all about.

73 de M6RSQ