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Sunday 24 October 2021

Yaesu FT818 or FT991A? The decision I have to make

So I have a good pay packet on its way on Wednesday and a surprisingly large tax refund imminent I want to buy a set that can do HF and also 2/70 all modes, as I like Yaesu equipment I narrowed my choices down to two, the FT818 (which is effectively an 817 but 6 watts out at full power) or the FT991A which I have been after for some time, which as a nice colour screen, supports all the bands and modes I want except 4-meters, and also supports System Fusion which is my main digital voice mode of choice, as well as allowing USB connection to a computer rather than the specific cable used on the FT818, and also capable of 100 watts out on HF (50 on V/U).

I am really keen on the FT991A because I've been after one for some time and the space in my shack has always been set up with a FT991A in mind, if I choose either radio though I will be free of one issue at home on 2-meters that has plagued me for so long, pager intermod, I also plan to test out the flowerpot on 2-meters with the final chosen radio, which I strongly think will be the FT991.

Operating HF from the home QTH will pose some challenges, an antenna and possibly noise, which I know there is plenty on 27MHz so the rest of the 1-30MHz spectrum will probably be bad as well, however as these radios run of 13.8V DC then they can effectively be run from a battery so I can go somewhere relatively free of noise with a portable antenna (I am already equipped with a mast stand and SOTApole to do this).

Also I have seen these sorts of radios used on 27MHz on YouTube, this is something I won't be doing as I always run legal power, on 27MHz this is 4 watts, a now not so regular commenter on my videos claims I effectively moan on about CB users running higher power, I do often express my dislike of the practice yes however I also say that if people want to do it the it is up to them and I do not endorse it and I also find it is a waste of money to buy something like a Yaesu HF set to solely use it on 27MHz but again it is their choice to do this.

My initial plan for HF was to get something like the uBitX or similar however with this unexpected financial improvement I think something reliable and robust is in order and a Yaesu radio is definitely the way, and already owning 2 Yaesu sets and not ever had any problems means it is justifiable too.

A YouTube video will be done as well, and hopefully I will find a way to do HF from here as well as the usual 2-meters and 70cm

73 de M0WNU