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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

3D printer now here and a couple of other things

 On my last payday I purchased a 3D printer, specifically an Ender 3 Pro which I ordered with a suitable amount of filament to get going, though it came with some filament anyway but only a small amount compared to what I ordered, in both Amateur and CB radio circles a 3D printer is very useful indeed as you can 3D print things like antenna parts and other useful things, one of my first designs was an adaptor to allow my 7-meter SOTApole to sit in my drive on mast stand, I also had a look on Thingiverse and found some SO239 cover caps which are ideal for my radios that are on the display shelves in the shack, though do consider that these radios do get put on air from time to time.

The prior payday I ordered in some Motorola T62 PMR446 handhelds, these seem to work ok and I did a video on the YouTube channel about these, they meet the newer spec of allowing 16 channels here in the UK however that needs activating as they are 8 channel by default.

I also ordered a TinySA which I have yet to finish the video on, and an antenna from Wish that is designed for CB handhelds and is telescopic, which I will be pitting against the Albrecht CL27, the stock antennas on both modern handhelds and the comparable antenna found on my 1980s Realistic TRC-1007, it also came with a magmount so I'll be putting it on the car roof and connecting it to a radio and an analyser to see how it fairs in that regard.

I also hope to look at the new Thunderpole T-600, which I have seen pictures of and know full well who makes it, I already own the PNI Escort HP7120, which is electronically the same radio, but the T-600 appears to use different firmware to allow AM/FM switching on the CEPT channels while in the UK mode, this will possibly be featured after my next payday.

I'll also try and update this more as like everything I have been doing it has been disrupted by a hectic work schedule

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

Friday, 2 July 2021

After many years it may be I get a go in the 144MHz FMAC after all

 So it has taken a few years now however luck has it that on Tuesday I will not be working and therefore can take part in the 2-meter FM activity contest after all, this is of course subject to a lot of things, but I will not be changing job, moving house, or suffering clutch failure on the car (the clutch was changed in November due to bearing failure).

I have logging software on my Hi10 Air tablet ready to go and just need to set up the log for the day, filming will be taking place for YouTube and will be on the channel afterwards so you can see how I got on.

Antenna wise I hope to use my tape measure Yagi, radio will be the FTM-400XDE unless for some reason that is not possible in which case I'll use the FT2D handheld which will make me a QRP station in that case however there is some gain on the antenna which may help should the FT2D be needed, I will also be putting a bulletin of my participation on the contest onto APRS earlier in the day.

As every other time I've wanted to do this contest something has gone wrong I have missed out a lot, this is my first go at a contest if it happens and even though I know full well I will never win it at least I can say I've done it.

looking forward to doing well.

73 de M0WNU

Friday, 11 June 2021

There be pirates Cap'n transmitting SSTV on 27.700 MHz USB rendering UK CB channel 11 unusable

 Yesterday before work I noticed the conditions down on 11-meters (and presumably 10) were good, tuning to UK channel 11, as you'll see in the attached video clip, I heard SSTV transmitted using USB, which is illegal to do outside of the normal CB frequency range and also on 27/81 which is strictly UK use and FM only (no laws state SSTV cannot be used on CB at all however that I know of), naturally pirate operators generally do not care until the authorities actually catch them, at which point the pirate operator is stripped of all equipment and prosecuted.

So while CB does have its uses, in the UK it is authorised as licence-exempt non-interference non-protected, in short you cannot cause interference to others and you cannot report interference as no action will be taken, so these European pirates sadly will stop channel 11 in the UK from working until they realise this channel is active using FM all the time in the UK.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

Friday, 28 May 2021

Beginner's guide to CB radio videos now live on YouTube

So I finished up with the beginner's guide to CB radio videos on YouTube the other day and got them all batch-uploaded to YouTube, each covering a different subject, I would have liked to do a demonstration of installation in a vehicle but as I don't have a vehicle to do an install in at the moment I can't obviously do this right now but once I get a vehicle I can do this I will do a demonstration of this.

In the mean time here is the playlist so far

If you are new to radio communications and need an effective useful radio setup CB radio is your answer, these work where mobile phones do not so if you are in a group in separate cars you can keep in touch, legally while driving too.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730 (or just the red squirrel will suffice on CB)

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

5 years since I was betrayed

 So here we are at 5 years since I went to Staines to go to Martin Lynch & Sons for my Yaesu FTM-400XDE, Diamond NR770RSP antenna and Sirio magmount which that antenna is screwed into, unfortunately this day 5 years ago I was stabbed in the back by a fellow ham as you know, Chance Callahan KD0MXN (or is that ex KD0MXN as his licence seemingly expired in November according to the FCC ULS), my belief now is he did it because he believed in his own little sick twisted mind that I was stalking another IRC user that lives in that area which is utter rubbish, why would a ham be in Staines? ML&S of course (unless they actually lived in Staines too).

As you know I feel this young man is unfit to hold any kind of radio transmitting licence (he also holds a GMRS licence which is not something that I am too bothered about because that is not a service used worldwide and cannot propagate worldwide), so why do I feel he is unfit to hold any kind of licence, Amateur or otherwise? here's the list again.

Apart from stabbing me in the back when I went to ML&S 5 years ago he also:

As Chance Callahan has made countless accusations against me as well that are unfounded and untrue I worried up until November, when his Amateur radio licence appeared to lapse, that I'd have to deal with his abuse on the air, if I do hear him now I am now in a position to report him as a pirate as he does not have a valid Amateur radio licence at this time, and since the last time I posted this to work at the fulfilment centre I was at for 7 months I had a criminal record check, it came back clear thus proving Chance Callahan to be the liar and deceitful person that he is, and I have the British Disclosure and Barring Service to thank for that, and if he calls a British Governmental department liars then that proves my point about him.

My time in the radio hobby has been great since I passed my foundation exam 6 years ago, and my Advanced in 2019 has given me a lot of confidence to continue to pursue such a great hobby where people like Chance Callahan are, happily, in the minority.

73 de M0WNU

Sunday, 16 May 2021

YouTube channel project, Beginner's guide to CB radio or at least my way of doing it

I am planning on putting together a series of YouTube videos on beginning in CB radio as I would like more people to take it up again, there was a slight resurgence during the COVID-19 lockdowns imposed on us by Boris and his 'friends', and I have seen in the past couple of years some of the local boy racers using it in their cars (and on occasion impressed by my larger Sirio Hi-Power 4000 whereas they all have Orbitor/Stinger type antennas).

I plan to go into radios, antennas, feeders, power supplies and also what is legal and what is not legal including how CB radio is NOT covered under the mobile phone laws which means you can use it while driving, and sources of the equipment, and clarifying what the various terminology means.

I might also do something similar for those that want to move to Amateur radio however unlike Amateur radio CB radio does not need a licence and has not done since 2006 and you can just use it to talk amongst a group of you, and I'll cover it all in full in the various videos I plan to do.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Moonraker Micro CB radio

My recent main YouTube video was on the Moonraker Micro CB radio, which is indeed a compact radio, based on an AnyTone chassis as it turned out so has the 10-meter mode and the naughtiness inside, though of course I have no issue putting this set on 10 it does not have SSB capability and being channelised may require a frequency counter to get an idea what channel is associated with which frequency if you want to use it on 10.

The radio came to me with bare ended wires so I fitted a cigarette lighter plug, rated 5A as this is ample for this radio, to be able to plug it in in the car to do tests, the radio seems to do well, and is good when put against a comparable set, which in my case was a PNI Escort HP7120.

When I did the original bench tests on the radio the power levels were reading lower than expected, however later testing showed it was in fact fine.

Both videos are below

73 de M0WNU/26CT730