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Sunday 22 April 2018

Chance Callahan KD0MXN is at it again...

and this time he is suggesting obnoxious and potentially illegal activities to a newly licensed Amateur from the USA on Reddit, with claims ##hamradio on freenode assisted him (which is unlikely as I am pretty sure their responses were not serious in any way shape or form.

basically he suggests this newly licensed operator wipes out 2.4GHz with 50 watts of white noise thus ensuring no one with a WiFi device can connect to the internet, for one that is certainly illegal, as Amateur radio is operated on a basis where it must not cause interference in pretty much any country, and that kind of activity is for all intents and purposes a Denial of Service attack, also illegal.

his comments on Reddit can be found here, and also, as he suggested modifying a microwave rated at 1.2kW into a transmitter his actions can be seen as irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Why he is STILL in our hobby one will never know but it needs to stop and the FCC have to do something now, if he was British and held a UK callsign Ofcom would have already dealt with it by now, but sadly this is not the case and us genuinely decent Amateur radio operators who enjoy the hobby and want to welcome newcomers have to deal with him.

Fortunately as he is still a technician class and not general class yet I won't hear him on anything below the phone section of 10-meters, personally I'd rather not deal with it.

I honestly hope his local Sheriff's department is still keeping an eye on him and his radio transmissions both on the Amateur service and CAP because quite frankly this flouting of rules and regulations and irresponsible behaviour has gone on too long.

73 de 2E0EIJ

Edit: 22/4/18 @ 13:58 BST: This is the whole thread on reddit, in which you can see all the posts, including, if it has not been deleted yet, Callahan's gross irresponsibility

Edit: 23/4/18 @12:32 BST: I have also discovered that, despite not updating his licence details which he should have done as part of adhering to Part 97 of the FCC rules, he has since moved to Washington DC, the capital of the United States, this makes his behaviour more serious simply because Washington DC is home to the White House, The Pentagon and other important US Government establishments including the FCC Headquarters which means he will be caught much faster with his infringements of Part 97, does he really want to behave the way he does in the vicinity of those buildings? I should think not but he does.

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