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Tuesday 3 April 2018

Installation has begun

The loom I require for the relay to be fitted to (to preserve the original wiring on the car as it is) arrived over the weekend and this afternoon, as I had some free time owing to things that I shall not get into for various reasons, I fitted the relay and connected the loom once I identified where on the loom for the stereo the 12V switched feed was, once identified the relay was reconnected using the wires I previously fitted to it and two Scotch Lock connectors (as this is a low current application I don't mind so much using these), though initially it failed to work because the Scotch Lock connectors had failed to bite into the insulation of the wires as they should have, a quick trip back up to the house and a pair of pliers later the problem was solved, and everything that needed plugging back in was plugged back in and tested (and nothing missed because I was not being harassed by KD0MXN over the Internet as has happened in the past when I've installed equipment in the car before).

Outstanding to complete this install is a power feed of 84/0.3 thin wall wire, the extension wiring to separate the control and mic over a further distance than otherwise and of course the boot side enclosure and accessories that will be fitted there, having already test fitted the control head (with the handsfree mic attached to the rear of the bracket) and knowing it fits OK where I want it to go I can build around it though the radio's display does not get put in place properly until the rest of it is done.

I still have not quite worked out where the extension speaker will be going but this should not be a major issue to work out, all that requires is the speaker be where I can hear it, not be in the way of an airbag, and conveniently bolted down using existing hardware.

Hopefully come next payday I will have enough to order some more bits, specifically the electrical stuff.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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