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Friday 6 April 2018

Preparing for the Ripon rally

On Sunday the Ripon rally takes place, I have missed this every year since I have been licensed but not this time.

Firstly, having a newer and more reliable car has helped to make sure it can happen, secondly I'm not double booked, so I can go and see what bargains I can find, as it's a local rally not one of the big ones then none of the big names will be there, though I am hoping that York Repeater Group will be there as I want to chat to them about GB3HG and when it is likely to go over to System Fusion (my radio will probably be in the car by the time the repeater does change over), though if not I'm sure there are other times I can speak to them.

Someone I know did express an interest in going to the rally due to the abundance of electronic components often sold at these events, they're after LEDs yet with no understanding of how to connect them (fortunately for them I do know how to connect them and also know sufficient about parallel and series circuits), and with the demise of Maplin Electronics I now have to rely on rallies if I want components and connectors straight off a shelf, buy in bulk at the rallies to use up over a period of time, though I can still get components online from hobby suppliers I do often like that face to face contact with the seller if they know the components, rare but did sometimes happen at Maplin, which I expect from fellow Amateurs, I like to build rather than buy where possible.

Hopefully a good day will be had, as long as I don't spend a fortune (you never know at a rally).

73 de 2E0EIJ

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