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Saturday 7 April 2018

Antenna now on car

The next part of the reinstall is putting the antenna onto the car, the coax is fed in via the tailgate this time rather than the rear passenger door, this is down to the eventual final location of the antenna cabling and the radio.

For now the cable as it stands is routed to the front of the car, the radio at the other end is the Baofeng UV-5RC Plus with a speaker mic, this was done as a need to be able to use S22 tomorrow for the Ripon rally assuming they have a talk-in station as mentioned on the Ripon radio club website for the event, SWR is near enough perfect match on 2-metres (never be truly perfect but the needle doesn't really move anything majorly noticeable), on 70cm the needle does move though again not too much and not to dangerous levels (the radio is about limited to 4/5 watts by design and the SWR will be rechecked when the FTM-400XDE gets installed due to it being capable of 50 watts).

the antenna and magmount are the same as used on the old car and positioned in exactly the same place near enough, as the radio is impractical I aim to get the FTM-400 recommissioned within the next couple of weeks, which will wholly depend on what I can find at the Ripon rally to assist in that regard, if not it will be back to the Internet.

Progress is being made, albeit slowly, I also have the boards to use for the installation of the FTM-400 in a safe place (this will be worked on during the week) and hopefully I will have a good idea of what's what pretty soon.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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