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Tuesday 17 April 2018

reworking shack and portable power arrangements

my current shack power arrangements are for the most part ring terminals to binding posts, a recipe for disaster, especially for radios with no reverse polarity protection (which none of my radios have last I checked), and up until now portable ops has been direct to a battery of sorts, again a recipe for disaster should the wires go in the wrong place.

So, with me looking into the power arrangements I can use at the National Hamfest this year, that is of course solar and battery then I came up with the solution pretty quicky, Anderson Powerpole connectors.

As I intend, for portable ops, to buy the SOTABEAMS Fuser 6 which uses these on the input and outputs I figured now is the time to switch to them, that way I reduce the risk of any damage to my gear and the convenience of disconnecting both poles at the same time, and as my mini fridge, which I repaired yesterday due to a failed switch, is also going to the National Hamfest this will have its DC cord fitted with Anderson Powerpole connectors as well, it comes as standard with a universal type automotive plug however this will be retained, also fitted with matching Anderson Powerpole connectors to reconnect the plug to keep it suited to in-car use.

My amateur radio gear and mini fridge aren't the only things subject to this change, my CB gear, or at least the CB gear I intend to use, will also have the connectors fitted for pretty much the same reason, in particular my Grant II as it is the most expensive and only type approved SSB radio for CB that I actually possess and naturally I want to protect it and also this will be useful as it will be used for two-way communications for my guest(s) at the National Hamfest so they can experience the enjoyment and practicality of radio without needing a licence, and if I fancy doing some DX on 11-metres SSB too but I might actually stick to 10-metres if the band conditions are decent.

As my previous job involved working with crimp-on connectors I have come to see this method as the most reliable (though Anderson Powerpole connectors can be soldered) I intend to buy a crimp tool for them for what I hope is a very reliable and long-lasting connection, all this can easily come from SOTABEAMS at the same time as the Fuser-6 then I can actually test the unit out after assembly.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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