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Friday 30 March 2018

Arrival of the parts ordered so far

This week I took delivery of the USB hub, the in-car power supply for the same hub, a cheap Android tablet (turns out that is what I had ordered but that doesn't matter as previously mentioned as I needed a replacement for my Huawei MediaPad T1 which this does to the letter and takes 2 SIM cards for mobile use, though my 3 UK SIM is in it for the moment as it's a mobile data SIM anyway and rarely gets use however it will be transferred to EE in due course and the 3 SIM put into the secondary SIM slot) and of course the straight ISO to ISO loom for attaching the relay to and retaining the car's original wiring as it is (and as it has the speaker side too then this allows me to add rear speakers to the car at a later date if I choose).

So this leaves outstanding the power wiring to the radio from the battery via the relay, and the assembly of the enclosure in the rear and finally fitment of the radio the front of which has been test fitted above the stereo and it fits fine even with the mic above it.

The electrical side is still being worked out for fuse ratings, as I learned auto fuses at least will blow at least at twice the current rating specified on them and pretty quickly, a blow rating if you like, (I once blew a 30A fuse in my first car not long after getting it by trying to clear snow off the windscreen with the wipers and that blew pretty fast and I still have that fuse lying around), initially it was to be a midi fuse but I have to compromise between what I expect and what the max rating of the wire would be, as the wire is 50A rated the smallest I can go is 25A (if it exists).

I expect the loom to arrive before the weekend all being well.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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