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Sunday 25 March 2018

new tablet on order

Assuming all has gone to plan the tablet I intend to use with my APRS in-car setup, once the radio finally gets into the car (with the so-called "Beast from the east" returning recently again preventing any in-car work), has been ordered, hopefully the Chinese one I alluded to assuming I placed the order correctly, if not it's no big loss as I also need a replacement for the Huawei MediaPad T1 anyway and that would be good.

Once this arrives I can set up APRSIS32 and the Yaesu data cable to ensure it all works as it should, if the radio is still not in the car by this time I can power it off my jump starter to make the adjustments needed for it to talk to APRSIS32 on the tablet.

I did note the tablet I ordered only came with a US 2-pin charger, I have run one of these off a British 230V supply before with no harm to it as these chargers, though fitted with a US plug configuration, still operate at 230V AC as they tend to be switched mode chargers designed to take a wide range of voltages.

I'll pop a video on YouTube when I get the time after it arrives, given it will be used for Amateur radio, APRS, logging for contests and possibly EchoLink, the tablet does have an external mic and this should suffice though I'd not use it for Echolink in the car as it would work mostly for contest logging (while parked up) and APRS map display.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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