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Monday 26 March 2018

a possible solution to my handsfree mic problem and other problems potentially solved

My handsfree mic was previously mounted above the driver's seat of my old car by means of the bolt attaching the driver's sun visor to the car's roof, this position has proven unsuitable in the new car, however I may have found an interesting solution.

The original fixing bracket for the Yaesu FTM-400XDE remote head is fitted to the rear of it with a screw, this had me thinking "would I be able to mount the microphone to this instead?" and after a trial fit tonight I found out that I could. obviously it's not quite ready for the car yet as I still need to build the enclosure where I intend to have power from the car's battery go to for the radio and a couple of extra 12-volt outlets, plus cooling fans as I want to put the FTM-400's main unit inside out of harm's way, a couple of large PC case fans will be used for this.

The main power feed obviously needs to be fed down the entire driver's side of the car to the boot, obviously being fed from the relay as I described so it would only operate with the ignition turned on, to this end as I can't find any reference on any other source I've had to turn to the C1 owner's club (the Citroen C1 is essentially a Toyota Aygo with different badges and a different front and rear end), as I already know how to run power from the engine bay to the cabin this isn't an issue, it's running the feed back from the relay to the boot, in this car there will be less clutter behind the stereo and I can simply connect the two power wires to the relay and find a suitable place to tuck the relay behind the stereo, after which I can work on running a suitably high current capacity thin-wall automotive grade cable to the boot to supply radio, fans (and control thermostat) and sockets for accessories, all fuse protected.

The only problem to still solve is running the antenna's coax into the car inside the trim panel in the rear without risk of it interfering with airbag operation, though I'm hopeful I can do this somehow without upsetting the airbag.

I'll update on this when I actually make progress

73 de 2E0EIJ

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