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Monday 26 March 2018

Starting the reinstall... the beginning...

So today I have placed an order for 3 items on Amazon, an ISO male to female adaptor to sit between the car's existing stereo and harness to allow me to connect the relay coil to the +12V accessory supply to allow ignition switch control of the radio and the other accessories in the boot, a 7-port USB hub identical to the one connected to my shack computer (as I've never had a problem with it save for trying to use it with a Raspberry Pi) and a PSU that should work to power this hub with some overhead as I don't know how much current the SCU-20 would pull though I don't think it will be a lot as it's a Prolific, these all should be here in time for the tablet arriving with a bit of luck.

On Saturday I plan to go out to get some MDF to build the housing as well as some suitable carpet, a battery drill with enough torque and some hole saws for the fan holes and as I plan to use 80mm fans and grilles I already have lying around some suitable mounting hardware, I plan to have the fan setup so one extracts the hot air and one brings in the cooler air to keep the radio cool, along with the radio's own fan, the holes the cables will pass through to get to the front of the car will probably be plugged with black Sugru as it is very easy to get out, I chose MDF as it appears most subwoofer boxes fitted to cars by boy racers tends to be made of it, I may also order the thermostatic control and power distribution box on Saturday as well.

Once all of the on-order parts are delivered then the work can begin to connect it all up to power, I still have yet to order an in-car tablet mount however I'm holding off until the tablet arrives and I get it configured on the bench then I have less work to do on the car side, also I'll be labelling the ports with the P-Touch should I need to disconnect anything as Prolific USB to Serial cables tend to like to stay in the port they were installed in.

As I will need a keyboard for this setup I've settled on the Logitech K400 as this has a laptop type track pad built into it, and uses one dongle and thus one USB port, obviously the keyboard will be removed when not needed or stowed out of the way, and having purchased a lot of Logitech products in the past I can safely say that I have made a good choice.

The issue of extending the FTM-400XDE's mic and display leads also is not completely solved though I simply plan to run the cabling under the rear seats back to the front of the car where the dispay and mic will be installed, I do need to order the cabling to do this, I have already got the information needed to remove the seat base in the back of the car from the Haynes manual

So with some of the bits ordered and a few more things planned for this week I will leave it at that for now and update when things start moving forward.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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