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Thursday 29 November 2012

Research into taking foundation exam.

I am doing research into what I need to do in order to take the exam for the foundation license, the part of this I already know is that I have to do some training at a radio club, sadly both clubs that offer this are not well served by public transport so I’m going to have to find a way around that… somehow.

I have also found a good study aid, a book by the Radio Society of Great Britain called Foundation License Now, they sell this from their own online shop for £4.99 and from what I understand it is a worthwhile investment and should help me pass the exam first time, my intent is to operate on an M6 call until such times as I am happy and comfortable with operating procedures, then progress to the next level, the intermediate, but I’ll go over that nearer the time.

If all goes well I could be operating on the Amateur bands a foundation license holder can operate on soon, and perhaps we could have a QSO at some point after I am licensed, in the mean time I still have CB, PMR446, and the Free Radio Network, though there is so much more out there to use than just a set of channels on 27MHz and 446MHz.

Before I go, it has come to my attention that an Internet troll has somehow bypassed the lockout on this blog and obtained the photographs on it and photoshopped at least one without authorisation, on the belief that Copyright law does not apply to the Internet, sadly as the image has been modified I cannot issue a takedown notice, however I would like to remind everyone that unauthorised use of any of the content of this blog is prohibited, if you want to use photos or content, ask first.

I shall update you on my journey to becoming a licensed amateur radio operator soon


73 de 26CT730

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