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Monday 7 January 2013

CB gateway testing update

The gateway went through it’s first proper test yesterday with the gateway computer in its new configuration.

Yesterday was the monthly DX net I take part in, as this was going to be high traffic I put the CB gateway into the DX net, and it did very well and did not bounce, this makes me pleased so I have for the moment left it switched on and put it back into the 446Muppets English net where it will spend nearly all of it’s operating hours when operational.

I am pleased with how well the CB gateway is now working and look forward to getting the antenna connected to the radio next.

As for the DX net, that was enjoyable, though I did make at least one contact that I hadn’t logged myself, I was listening for the most part to keep a close eye on the CB gateway, and got myself in the host operator’s log early on, the ShackCam was on during this event as well Smile

I shall post an update on the CB gateway’s progress soon


73 de 26CT730

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