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Saturday 2 August 2014

Portable power pack under construction

Since I returned home last night I have been working on a portable power pack that uses 10 AA size rechargeable batteries for portable work, inspired by 26CTX104, I have made the design as such that it is enclosed, the battery box can be detached from the cigarette lighter socket by removing two screws.

The batteries themselves, currently, are Maplin 2400 mAh rechargables, at around 1.2V per cell to get the required 12V, I suspect combined capacity is 24Ah, based on my theory that there's 10 of them, and 10x 2.4Ah is 24Ah (2400mAh being 2.4Ah).

A voltmeter will be integrated into the design later to ensure there is sufficient charge in the batteries at all times, nothing worse than running out of power mid-QSO.

So, I have another 6 batteries to charge and my charger only takes 4 at a time, so I best go do that and I'll post and an update later on

73 de 26CT730

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