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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Couple of updates

First of all, the PMR446 gateway radio is no longer operating using it's supplied antenna, it has now had a BNC socket fitted, with the bazooka unavailable to be used for this radio at the moment I have had to make a temporary arrangement using my Nagoya NA-771 antenna, this antenna is doing the job, the radio is still operating at 500mW, and the gateway is still covering roughly the same area it always has been, the radio did have to be rotated to accommodate the Nagoya (the stock antenna entered the rig at a right-angle and I don't have a right-angle BNC adaptor), I aim to get the bazooka up in a couple of weeks, which should vastly improve coverage, I am also looking into running my T2LT over some weekends from home on the fibreglass pole once I have a means to mount it in the ground, but I shall have to see what happens.

The TTI TCB-565, the basic rig with s-meter that I reported on a few days ago has just become available on Thunderpole's web site, at just under £80, as my priority is an SWR meter for use on PMR446 the replacement TTI rig will be arriving after I have finalised the 446 bazooka, I'll have to order it perhaps in the new year.

My amateur radio foundation training is coming along nicely, I have to get used to the morse code properly, which means a couple of hours of it with a pair of headphones (my trusty Sony MDR-V150 headphones would work for this) listening to morse code, as I have to be up to a certain standard to pass that assessment, all the assessments need to be marked off before I can take the exam.

That is all there is that really needs to be updated, it's time for me to get on with other things, I've hit the limit on what I can and cannot do radio wise today, the bazooka antenna can't be tuned today, but it can when I get an SWR meter, I hope to place that order this weekend.

73 de 26CT730

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