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Friday 4 September 2015

Uncertain times in mobile radio use and the trip to Newark

My plan was to attend the Hamfest in Newark at the end of this month, and as part of that plan I was to submit my car for it's MOT at the first available date at the beginning of September, that day was Wednesday, unfortunately the car has badly failed it's MOT and I am having to part with it.

However I may still be able to get to the Hamfest, my intention is to buy another car as soon as I can, the Hamfest takes place at the end of the month and is only a fiver to get into, however there now remains the issue of the rigs.

Both rigs and antennas have been removed from the car, all that is left is the holes in the dashboard and ashtray lid where the screws went in, my plan would normally be to install these items into the new car as soon as it is possible to do so, however the car I have seen is a much more recent car and I don't feel comfortable screwing the rigs down to the dashboard, I may need very strong adhesive pads for this until such times as I feel happy to screw the rigs down, and finding suitable rig locations does not help when I do not have the car yet, also a means to get power to them from the car's battery needs to be sourced.

I can still get on air to a degree at home, for CB my Grant II can be connected to the excalibur antenna (though not for SSB as interference is a great risk), for Amateur I still have my handies, which is great as I live close enough to GB3IR and can get into GB3HG, I also have Echolink on the shack computer for the time being

So, lets see what happens

73 de M6RSQ/26CT730

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