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Sunday 15 May 2016

Sirio GPE 5/8 CB antenna

I have owned, for a number of years, a Sirio GPE 5/8 CB antenna that has sat unused since I bought it, today's plan is to see if I can install it on my temporary base with the antenna guyed on the base, then compare its performance with that of the T2LT, there will be a massive difference if both antennas were able to be mounted at the same height but in this instance the height at which the GPE 5/8 can be mounted is at the very top of the mast and would not be as high as the T2LT's radiating part, as the metal mast is replaceable should the worst happen (ie it bends under the antenna's weight upon install) this is not a huge loss as I can simply go to B & Q and replace it

with this antenna safety is higher priority as it is heavier than my T2LT and will be mounted lower down, both from a radio and physical point, the antenna is lower down the mast therefore exposure to RF is higher for anyone nearby, the coax may pose a trip hazard but I will try and raise this up should the antenna be successfully erected on the temporary base.

If this proves to be a success then I will attempt to get a few QSOs on it and will post later the outcome whatever happens

73 de 26CT730

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