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Sunday 30 October 2016

radio mic to computer... follow up 2

Again I come back to the radio mic to PC project, after much Google searching I could not find any other way to get the PTT to key Echolink so instead opted to use a Teensy 2.0 like the American station that did this and use his idea, which may be minus the red LED for now as I've not got one spare that might be usuable.

I was hoping to test the microphone as it is on air last night on GB3IR but no one returned, as the audio coming back from Echolink seems to be relatively fine as long as the mic isn't too close, I may also modify the desk mic as well, though I simply need to put a 4-pin plug on that.

I have ordered the Teensy 2.0, and the American station KK4JDO posted the code he used onto his own blog so I can pick it up from there, it just leaves me to run one wire from the "TX" pin to the Teensy board as well as a ground wire, and set the board to run as keyboard, this should then key Echolink when I press the PTT button, the Teensy 2.0 runs from the USB so I don't need to run out any more power wires.

Once that's all done and tested all it leaves is to fill the computer side hole with black Sugru as I made the hole bigger than what I wanted (oops).

More to come

73 de M6RSQ

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