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Tuesday 1 November 2016

radio mic to computer... follow up 3

So the Teensy board arrived today, to begin with it was connected to my laptop, checked to ensure it was the real deal as the eBay listing claimed, it was, the loader programme detected it fine when the button was pressed, the Arduino code was copied from the source, put into the Arduino IDE, compiled, and transferred to the Teensy board. which then changed to be detected as a keyboard, plugging it into the shack computer after wiring the mic TX line to the board showed the Teensy as sending the plus character, fine as Echolink accepts that as a PTT option.

This means the microphone now functions near identical to that it would if plugged into a real radio, push the PTT, the TX goes high, the mic connects to the audio and the transmitter activates, or in this case Echolink, releasing the PTT will send another plus character and put Echolink into receive mode.

This now means that instead of pressing the spacebar which is awkward at best Echolink will work simply by me doing what I would do with a radio, picking up the mic and pressing PTT, audio is good, except with the preamp inline using the TTI mic, not sure about other mics as I don't have any that will fit to test and my desk mic has a 6-pin plug on it and as I have failed to find the plug I need then I may have to go to Maplin and buy a replacement, which I could of done when I bought the parts for my groundplane antenna for 2-metres and various other projects (one of which being the plug for the Realistic scanner, the fuses for it and another SO239 for use as the connector when I build a magnetic loop, and some snips that I forgot last time,

I hope to get on Echolink a little more often with this microphone but would like an audio report from a local station first hence why I am connecting via GB3IR first.

73 de M6RSQ

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