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Tuesday 3 January 2017

2017 in radio... what is to come to for me all being well

Well it is now 2017, and of course radio will continue to be a hobby I enjoy, so what is to come for me.

Well rallies first, my intent is to attend the Ripon, Blackpool and Bishop Auckland rallies as well as the National Hamfest, and any other rallies I can get to, my attendance at rallies has been poor so far but I've made the National Hamfest twice.

On-air activities, probably won't be too much happening during these winter months, I can use this time to do any antenna building and sorting out of the 'shack' as soon as possible, even getting the ShackCam built as it is still not finished yet, during the spring and summer I'll probably play with 2-metres and 10-metres on a hill, maybe go back to my roots and do a bit of 11-metres on a hilltop as well, I plan to buy a drive-on mast stand for this and maybe operate from Tan Hill as it is an excellent spot from a radio standpoint, I will still be active mobile on 2-metres both analogue and C4FM where possible, I will be doing more with System Fusion and APRS as well.

I intend to keep training towards my intermediate licence, and all being well gain my full as well which will be excellent if I can get through both this year, but if not I will be fine with my intermediate, may require me to get a new battery for my car to accommodate the rig but I will see in time what happens.

Also as alluded to above I intend to do some satellite operating using a home-made antenna for the job, and I look forward to making a satellite QSO this year.

That should be it I think but there is a chance I'll think of something else after pressing the button

73 de M6RSQ

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