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Monday 20 February 2017

Upcoming rallies–planning

As you know since I was licenced in 2015 I have attended whatever rallies I could, notably these have been the Blackpool rally at the Norbreck Castle Hotel and the National Hamfest, though in December I was also at the Bishop Auckland rally in Spennymoor, this year that is to be improved on and plans are already underway.

It comes as no surprise that the first rally I will be at this year is indeed Blackpool on the 9th April again at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, only a couple of weeks later I plan to be in attendance at the Ripon rally as I missed it the last two years, of course I will also be at the National Hamfest again this year, as well as the Bishop Auckland rally in December.

one of my main aims is to get hold of a suitable tuning capacitor for building a magnetic loop, for this I will take my multimeter with me as that can measure capacitance, if I can also find some other materials suited to building a magloop that will be even better as I am very keen to get on 10-meters (and HF in general) and if I can source the parts at rallies that will be excellent, of course I need to know how much power I can get away at putting through a tuning capacitor, so I shall ask of course.

Hopefully I can complete my aim at either Blackpool or Ripon.


I’ll post an update once I have attended the first rally, of course that is Blackpool.


On closing I hope to take my intermediate exam soon, wish me luck


73 de M6RSQ

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