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Wednesday 28 November 2018

RT87 on order

With the last post covering the Retevis RT87, a radio that received positive review from Lewis M3HHY, I have ordered one from Amazon, and will be making a video putting the radio through its paces, and also doing a power measurement before going out with it (the radio's specs from the official Retevis website specify that it should be able to produce up to 5 watts on high power, and a watt on low power, though it does not specify if this applies to both bands or just VHF (I've found UHF to be lower in most cases on pretty much every HT I've tested), this will start a trend on that every radio (save for network radios) I review or feature will be put through a power test as part of the video, though at present I only have a dummy load that can take up to 50 watts all bands, and a salt water dummy load that may not take a lot at all.

I won't be testing the IP67 rating, someone probably has already done so and I would rather not risk destroying a brand new radio, might be on YouTube somewhere, range and front-end test from the racecourse in Richmond will certainly take place (my VV-898 and KT-8900D both had problems with pagers here though the latter less so, no doubt my Baofengs do as well, my Wouxun and AnyTone may get away lightly but I don't know and will probably test them too if time permits), and although other videos on other YouTube channels cover it I'll briefly go over the programming of the radio using the supplied data cable, and also I will include a link to the Amazon page where I ordered the radio from in the YouTube description.

It may take a few days for the video to get onto YouTube as I do have to work and obviously the hilltop test at the racecourse will be weather dependent also, I can start the unboxing and programming parts first then get the rest filmed and then the whole video put together in a timely fashion.

I will update this when I get my hands on the radio.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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