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Tuesday 5 February 2019

Uncovering the "secrets" of the Team RoadCom-FS

I have removed the Team RoadCom-FS from the car to redo the power wiring for it before it goes back on the antenna for another test, and while I had it in the house I remembered that it had some jumpers inside, so I had a look to see what these would do.

The jumpers of interest were a set of 4, specifying where the radio would be used, in two settings it appeared the radio only did the 80 German channels (of which 40 match the EU channels), another setting put it into a mode with a few channels with frequencies ending in 0, which I could not figure out where they would be legal, another setting did a block of 40 that were again frequencies ending in 0 (perhaps the Polish market version), another setting that basically rendered the radio locked to the UK 40 and the EU40, and perhaps one or two others, no export mode that I could see and no wideband so not possible to convert to 10-meters as far as I can tell though without SSB, CW and repeater shift it isn't a lot of use on 10-meters anyway, I have since set it back to the configuration it was set in.

There are other jumpers within the unit, one of which is glued though that's not going to stop me switching it to the other position, there could be other secrets this radio holds, I've not seen any documentation suggesting what all the jumpers do however I have noted their factory settings.

All other adjustments within the radio remain untouched by me and therefore it remains within legal specification, at the moment due to feeling a little under the weather due to things beyond my control I will follow this up at a later date.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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