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Wednesday 16 October 2019

Testing my home SSTV setup

Yesterday I did some tests, into a dummy load for the time being, of my setup at home for SSTV transmission, I can receive using my phone however receiving using the computer would be a better option here, though I have yet to get a decent adaptor to convert the TRRS output on the KT-8900D to a standard lead suitable for driving a mono speaker (though the computer input is in fact a stereo input), however the audio from the computer to radio is handled by an old home made interface I had lying around and at first it did not work on two different serial port numbers, I then opened it up to find the ground wire from the computer side was in fact disconnected from the board, so I had to resolder it back in place, it still did not work then I found that I had not actually plugged the serial to USB adaptor in when I unplugged and reconnected what I thought was it (which was in fact the USB extension cable to the shackcam), after I did plug it in and set the correct COM port a test without the radio connected showed the "TX" LED on the unit light up, plugging it into the KT-8900D confirmed that it shared a pinout with the Leixen VV898 (I had used this interface for APRS experiments with that radio), so ready to transmit.

First attempt the radio keyed up with no audio, my fault as I forgot to plug in the audio lead, second attempt it worked and I had turned the volume pot on the circuit down to its lowest and adjusted it so the receiver, my FT2D, received the audio but not too loud, it needs a bit more tweaking which will be into a dummy load and a test receive on a receiver in another room of the house as the dummy load, though in a metal case, does radiate a little but not too much.

After that I'll try and get some pictures of the local area to have some to send out in these tests and hopefully on air when I get an antenna made and put up, been a while since I have been on 2-meters in general from home other than through repeaters on HTs, and SSTV is something I have wanted to play with for a while

73 de M0WNU

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