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Friday 25 March 2011

All set for the DX day… other than needing to choose a day

Now, I made mention in my PMR446 post and the starting post about my DX day later in the year, in the last 48 hours I ordered a replacement handheld CB radio, none other than the Intek H-520 Plus due to it being one of the better handhelds on the market and the fact that I had one previously and it was a good rig (until it landed end on, rendering it transmit only), now I have the replacement handheld I can now proceed to the DX day, I should with no modifications and favourable conditions make some good contacts, the indication of how favourable the conditions are going to be are displayed on the right of this page, though for CB the section 12m-10m is relavent, as CB falls into the 11 metre band

I just now need to find an available day to go out and transmit and see what range I can get from the position I will be at, I don’t expect much further than into the Vale of Mowbray at this time, but even that may be a push if height and conditions aren’t perfect but all shall be revealed on the day when it comes round

That is all for now I shall return soon Smile

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