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Sunday 3 July 2011

Follow up to PLT post dated 15th March

I thought I’d follow up on the above mentioned post. albeit a week late

A week ago I replaced my DSL modem router as my previous one was starting to fail… badly, so I made a trip to a local branch of a well known UK PC superstore, PC World, purchasing the router was not an issue however on nearby shelves were the horrible radio spectrum destroyers themselves, and quite a few of them, but that was not the worse thing, the worse was to come when I went through the checkout, got home, and unpacked the carrier bag containing the router to find this…

The offending voucher for 15% off Powerline networking

This voucher is blatantly promoting the unfit-for-purpose PLT, in particular at the online gaming community.  If you have one of these vouchers from PC World, please do the radio community a favour and destroy it, please don’t buy the powerline networking equipment, it saves you upsetting your local radio enthusiasts and having Ofcom hassle you to remove the devices, is is really worth the 15% discount, upsetting radio enthusiasts, blocking out broadcast reception, and even disrupting your neighbour’s broadband? I don’t think so

As a radio enthusiast I urge you not to take up this offer and find a wired or wireless alternative

Needless to say I was absolutely fuming with PC World for doing this, in fact had I known about this at the time I’d have given the store manager a link to the Ban-PLT website but I did not know about this voucher until I got home

So please, don’t use this voucher if you have been given one recently, it’s not worth destroying half the radio spectrum and getting a visit from Ofcom because you’ve upset a whole bunch of local radio amateurs or even caused a danger to safety-of-life systems



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