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Saturday 20 September 2014

Sealed lead-acid battery for portable work aquired

I made a trip to Sunderland yesterday to pick up an SO239 coupler from Maplin Electronics (as both the Teesside and Middlesbrough stores did not have any), this is to allow my T2LT to connect to a suitable feedline, the tail from the T2LT isn't that long and barely reached the ground during my tests.

I also picked up a 7Ah sealed lead-acid battery for my portable work, relegating the AA batteries to emergency power as the sealed lead-acid battery should provide enough power for a few hours of operation, though if I am close to it my scooter would also be able to provide power, it too has a 7Ah battery but I need to use care not to run it down as it's not for deep discharge and starting my scooter would not be possible otherwise.

So later on today I will be up at the same car park I tuned my T2LT and will be taking to the air, look forward to making some contacts tonight

73 de 26CT730

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