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Sunday 18 June 2017

Move to new QTH nears completion

I have physically moved in to the new QTH, the majority of the shack however is still boxed up, some of it is in the room where it is going to go, the shelves used at the old QTH to separate the shack from the living room will be assembled in the shack room, in order to get wired network I will have to get another switch into the shack room, I located the server in a wardrobe in that room (it is intended as a bedroom) and with the wardrobe doors shut the noise is lower than at the previous QTH and should not be picked up by my radio mics at the very least.

With the closing door it will allow me to operate without other noises in the flat being picked up, the room is also close to both the main entrance door to the flat and the room containing the circuit breakers and electricity meter so shutting the shack supply down in an emergency should be no problem, I will need to make a set of emergency procedures to back this up, I will fit an easy to access emergency stop on the extension lead supplying the shack when I upgrade the desk for a bigger one now I have the room.

My licence has been updated with Ofcom, and my RSGB membership also changed after I found the latest RadCom at my old QTH, will need to inform the club if they need my address.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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