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Friday 2 June 2017

The search for a new QTH... green light to move after the 10th June

I have been given the all clear to set a move-in date after the 10th June, this falls after this month's 2m FMAC but in order to facilitate the move I need my car running, which at time of writing it is at the garage exactly where myself and the recovery truck driver left it on Tuesday.

So I will be at the new QTH for July's 2m FMAC but I intend to still operate from a higher point than the top floor flat I move to (this one does not have a loft though).

So what does this mean for me, an external antenna possibly for 2/70, the shack in its own room, the shack computer no longer having to stand on top of my NAS box which I intend to locate to the same location as my webserver, as well as a closing door that will reduce any unwanted noise.

Of course I will be starting out on my biscuit tin antenna but that's a situation that I can rectify later on.

So the time at this QTH is now measurable in days rather than months or years.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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