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Tuesday 16 October 2018

M7 callsigns now being issued by Ofcom to newly qualified foundation licence holders

I decided after seeing this information on another of Lewis M3HHY's videos to wait for RSGB and Ofcom to announce it before posting this, however it appears the M6 callsigns have finally run out (I still hold M6RSQ though do not use it on air at present given that I have an Intermediate (2#0EIJ) but still have the freedom to use it if I so desire as it is still valid) and Ofcom are now starting to issue M7 callsigns to Foundation licencees who have recently qualified.

This does bring the question of how many M0 calls are left for full licence holders, as I hope to qualify before the syllabus changes in August, and obviously M3, M6 and M7 are all used for Foundation, and M1 has already been used for full licences, leaving 2, 4 and 8, 9 is not used for Amateur radio callsigns in the UK, at least in the G series anyway, except in some contest callsigns. though Ofcom may change this as they have that power

RSGB's official announcement was on Twitter in the last 48 hours, however not put out by the fiasco surrounding Activate All Counties that went against him, Delboy gloated in reply with a link to a post from his blog saying he had "beat them to it" when in actual fact he had heard a new M7 call on air local to him on 2-meters after I read the post, which predated RSGB's announcement.

I have always encouraged people in the hobby to go out and get their M6 call, now I simply encourage them to get the M7 call and find there is more than 80 channels at 27MHz and 16 channels at 446MHz to play with.

and I look forward to working an M7 station real soon

73 de 2E0EIJ

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