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Monday 25 March 2019

Network Radio data SIM recommendation

Network radios, as the name implies, require a network to connect to in order to be used, be this your home WiFi or the mobile phone network, however for the latter a SIM is needed, though you'd only need to do this if you are away from home or a public WiFi.

Today I purchased a SIM with 2GB data, which is more than enough for Zello, added £10 credit and this gave me the 2GB data with some minutes and unlimited texts, I fitted the SIM then applied the credit and disabled tethering on my phone and away it went, the network of choice is EE as this has the most coverage across the UK, though the RT3 is a 3G unit and therefore cannot utilise the 4G network though for Radio over IP this is not a large issue.

Though I do plan to put a Network Radio into the shack to compliment the other gear it won't receive a SIM card, instead it will use the house WiFi or be tethered to the phone in the event of VDSL or power outages, the RT3 will be kept for using out and about, and with me repairing my Bluetooth headphones I can clip the radio to my belt and walk along chatting away or clip the radio to something in my car and drive and chat on the Network Radios as well as 2-meters and 70cm, despite buying a Network Radio it is impossible to pull me away from a transceiver.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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