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Monday 18 March 2019

Test shackcam

I have plugged a webcam into the shack computer and have pointed it at the operating end of the shack desk, this is to test whether the shackcam feed is still working, it appears to be working just fine.

The camera used is a Tesco webcam, branded under their "Technika" brand, this is the second camera used in the test, the first being a cheap off-brand webcam that I have owned for years and required unsigned drivers to run on Windows 10

All that is visible on the camera currently is my Anytone AT-D868 UV, my QYT KT-8900D, a few SWR meters, my salt water dummy load, my Zetagi dummy load, a Pixie CW transceiver and the K-PO EA-35 linear amplifier which I still need to test for spectral purity, there are a few patch leads on my desk as well as my blue illuminated extension speaker, with the blue LEDs turned on.

Even though I am testing it the shackcam feed remains linked to at the side of this blog and is still open to public viewing

73 de 2E0EIJ

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