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Saturday 20 April 2019

Another APRS map display revisit

As you may recall I have been hoping to get a semi-permanent map display for APRS in the car, preferably using a Windows 10 tablet, the last tablet I ordered was an Android one, which though also capable of doing this doesn't do much in the way of gating shall we say, just shows it all on the map.

So another look on the usual Chinese suppliers leads me to a tablet with keyboard dock as optional extra, this would allow me to not only see APRS objects on a map, but would also allow me to do logging on the hills better than what I can do now, potential YouTube livestreams depending on the Internet availability at my location, the cost of this machine is under £200 and could perform as a laptop, drawback is that the keyboard dock is in American layout though I can probably live with that or just use a wireless Logitech keyboard with trackpad as these are reasonably good quality.

I am going to connect the data lead for the FTM-400XDE up to my existing Android tablet as I have a suitable OTG adaptor to do this and test using the applications on there, should this work then I'll see if I am able to buy this tablet I have seen and once it arrives then set it up in the way I seen previously on YouTube.

73 de 2E0EIJ

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