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Monday 20 April 2020

A brand new CB radio and antenna for less than £50 (excluding shipping)? surely not

But apparently so, you can get a PNI Escort 7120 radio and PNI Extra 48 antenna (that looks very much like a normal FM broadcast antenna) for less than £50, and I for one am very intrigued.

These are being sold by PJBOX in Cornwall in the UK, as PNI isn't a common brand here in the UK (it's Romanian I believe), and the antenna itself is very fascinating, it won't have the range one would expect from a larger mobile antenna but it will get you on the air and also it would satisfy the requirement I have in my currently postponed proposal to get CB radios made mandatory equipment in every car on British roads.

Even though the radio is primarily sold in the Romanian market it can work on the UK 27/81 frequencies as it's sold as a CRT model here by some retailers, the antenna can possibly be tuned there as well though that is something I will have to investigate, the downside with the antenna is the coax supplied is quite thin stuff so may well prove lossy but it is a full starter kit for £50 and does not look out of place in your car.

I hope to get this pack in and on to my YouTube channel in the coming weeks, might take a little while longer with the whole COVID-19 situation however imports of goods is still going on, and with the dangerous myths about 5G going on right now causing people to burn down mobile telephone base stations (some of which aren't even 5G enabled) CB, and radio in general, is needed more now than ever if the nutjobs destroying mobile phone infrastructure because of a mistaken belief about it and the current situation bring it crashing down.

As I do still plan to make proposals to HM Goverment to make CB radio mandatory equipment in all British registered vehicles now is a good time to buy a set and get it in your car, and this is the perfect set for that, small, compact and comes with a small and discreet antenna.

73 de M0WNU

PS, on the 5G BS I plan to make a video to show how annoyed I am that people think it's connected to the current situation and think it's harmful.

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