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Saturday 4 April 2020

Radio projects I can look at again and a possible radio related birthday livestream on YouTube

So with this lockdown in effect going out /p is not an option, though when the lockdown is over and it is safe to do so I will return to looking at /p operating though now I am gathering ideas.

I have a few radio projects still to work on and parts for these if needed can be ordered online, my igate project which has stalled since Coastal Chipworks in the USA ceased trading requires I look at a new method to get the igate on the air, though I will still use a Raspberry Pi for this which I also have not got however the suppliers are still trading and therefore I can order though there could be delays depending on stock levels, demands and courier companies or the postal service operating on lower staff numbers.

Staying on the igate project, power and antenna have yet to be sorted, the radio will still be the Leixen VV-898 and is cheap, rather than me spending money on a big-name radio though an old Motorola VHF taxi radio could be used here as well I have the VV-898 lying around and 10 watts would be fine (not counting coaxial cable losses).

Other projects will hopefully include finishing the HF slinky antenna I started, I was hoping to get ladder line for that from Blackpool however with me deciding not to go and the rally being cancelled as it falls within the current lockdown period anyway I will have to order this from an online supplier, though I still lack an HF set and an antenna tuner to test it and I would need to properly test it /p which I also cannot do anyway.  There also remains to get the boomerang antenna back up and tested, the Zello gateway tested (though I am thinking of obtaining a mini PC to run that exclusively as my shack computer would use more electricity that I'd like just to do that).  More YouTube videos will be coming to try and fill the void left by lack of /p and rallies that did not happen because of the coronavirus.

Onto other things, I am hoping to run a livestream the day after my actual birthday as I am working on my birthday, because I can't really have a birthday party this year or even see family like I normally would, I hope to invite people to call in via Zello, Echolink and my YSFReflector, which means that if you are not licensed you can still participate via Zello, I have set up a Zello channel which I am intending to open up during livestreams on my YouTube channel, on Echolink just look for my callsign, and to find the YSFReflector just search on the Pi-Star website as that will give you the number needed if you are using a bridge between YSF and another digital voice mode, an announcement will be made on my YouTube channel once my rota for next week is confirmed which hopefully will be by the time I clock off tonight.

Stay safe guys, enjoy the radio, and also have fun finishing off those projects you've been meaning to, if you can of course.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

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