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Monday 8 June 2020

CB radio on my bicycle, an idea inspired by Jez 2E0IQJ of YouTube channel 2j4ez

I had a plan to run a CB radio from my old scooter when I had it, but this did not come to fruition, I have an old 3/8" threaded snail mount but this has no cable fitted, my idea is to drill a hole through the  pannier rack or use a piece of metal as a bracket to fix to the pannier rack, and put a battery into my old scooter top box fixed to the pannier rack as long as the pannier bag itself still fits.

The radio Jez used originally on his pushbike was a CRT One, a standard mobile CB, because I have a set of wireless indicators on my bicycle I cannot do that, and would like something with a little more handsfree availability I would use my Midland 42, however the PNI offering I mentioned in my last post would also do the job for this and would just need to run off a battery which I can remove daily.

Antennas, I have two choices, the orbitor/springer antenna or the dial-a-match antenna, don't think I'll have a lot of luck with the Extra 48 as it's more for the mids than it is for 27/81.

My bicycle is out of action at the moment as one of the pedals needs a new nut, preferably a nyloc type, I suspect it was one of these but the nylon insert has failed, next time I'm in a local hardware store I shall pick some suitable nuts up once I have the nut for the bicycle sized up again and possibly a suitable piece of metal to fit the snail mount to, it may need a groundplane as well but that I will work out when I can.

Whatever radio I use I will need a handsfree kit of sorts, Albrecht did do one aimed at PMR446 for motorcyclists which I modified to run off a handheld CB as for some reason these jam handheld CBs in transmit despite being wired identical, I still have some parts of this, the main loom with modification and the PTT switch, so I could reuse this with an appropriate headset when I reverse engineer the pinout of what appears to be a DIN connector on the main loom, otherwise new headset to buy.

First up though, fix the bike and use it, and thanks Jez for the inspiration.

73 de M0WNU/26CT730

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