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Sunday 15 April 2012

One day until the Richmond Free Radio Network Gateway’s first birthday and some upcoming DX events I’ll be taking part in

Tomorrow the Richmond FRN gateway celebrates one year of operation, I am not sure how to celebrate this occasion, the Gateway runs 24/7 and is connected to the 446Muppets server on the Free Radio Network in room “English”, I also have a PC-only client in there, though as I listen to the gateway over the radio for the most part I tend to keep it set to absent.

I’ll also be taking part in another Charlie Tango PMR446 DX event, two actually, one on the 7th May and another on the 3rd June, there is also a CB DX as well on the 7th May and 4th June, but due to me only having a battery powered CB radio (handheld) I am unsure as yet whether I’ll give it a go, but we’ll see how it progresses.

I am debating on whether I go to the racecourse again or find a higher spot, but I’ll look at that one in the next week or so.  Hopefully I will make contact with someone on both attempts, and maybe also on CB as well if I decide to take part in that.

And finally, my gateway is on channel 6 using CTCSS 20, if you’re in range, give it a go, you never know who you may hear on there, it might even be me.

For more information on the Richmond gateway, please go to, the site is updated periodically


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