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Sunday 8 April 2012

Today’s DX event…

Today was the day of the Charlie Tango Easter DX event on PMR446, where many took to high points and attempted to get a long distance contact or contacts.  Unfortunately I was unable to make any contact on the day but it was still a good day out, which took me to the old racecourse here in Richmond, where there was a nice high spot just behind the old grandstand.
Although today didn’t get the desired results there will be other opportunities to give it a try again, and I’m not one to give up
I enclose some photos

My laptop for taking logs, sadly it never got to

My Intek MT-5050 on Channel 8, all ready to go

Me with the MT-5050 (and windswept hair, the wind was very high up there today)
Maybe the next time I do this I may hear someone on the air and hopefully get some QSOs logged.  If you do something like this and you don’t get a response don’t let it put you off doing it again.

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