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Monday 13 August 2012

Another CB gateway update

Late last week the dummy load on the CB gateway radio failed, which caused the SWR to go very high, and for most of the weekend I had to wait and hope the radio wasn’t damaged as a result.  I had ordered a new dummy load and a combined power and SWR meter to reveal any issues, as a visual inspection of the transistors proved inconclusive and I had no other way of testing the radio.  Upon reconnecting the radio back to the power and connecting the new dummy load and meter to it this morning, the output was measured at 4 watts, meaning that no damage had been done to the radio.  I used the radio’s supplied microphone to transmit rather than the gateway computer as I felt it more convenient to do so despite the computer still being connected to the microphone socket.

This means I need not replace the radio and can safely progress to the next stage, the antenna building, although the built antenna will be tuned to work from 26.965 – 27.99125MHz rather than specifically for 27.94125MHz, that antenna will come later on.

More updates to follow.


73 de 26CT730

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