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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Antenna woes

Now, today I spent a lot of the day, in between writing a letter to my fiancée and other things, getting the CB antenna up into the loft space above my flat, however I have hit a small issue, it seems difficult to get the antenna into a proper V shape, and so I have preliminary installed it without tying off the ends, this led to a recorded VSWR of approximately 10:1 or just over, which is unacceptable.

In order to ensure the RG213 cable was not the culprit, I put the dummy load onto the end of the cable on the in the loft space, this returned the expected 1:1 VSWR reading and the radio’s full 4 watts is being sent up the cable, which is making me suspect strongly that the antenna system is at fault

I am going to try to reconfigure the antenna into an L shape in the next few days if I cannot get it into the V shape that I desire, that is running the 1/4 wave radiator vertical, and the lower part of the dipole laid across the floor, maybe running parallel with water pipes (though this may not be good either).

I know the antenna system is working on receive, as I monitored UK35 for a little while and the morons that I heard on there a few weeks ago that discussed doing certain acts that would have Ofcom revoking Amateur and broadcasting licenses for if discussed on those bands.

I verifed the VSWR issues with 2 SWR meters, both are consistent in their readings, so if I can find time tomorrow or Friday, I will go back up into the loft and try and retune the antenna, although if my fiancée was here she’d have been able to help or she may have even thought of a good idea.

I shall update this in due course


73 de 26CT730

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