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Tuesday 28 August 2012

One step closer to a working antenna.

Today I went out to a nearby branch of the UK DIY and hardware store B&Q to buy the final parts needed to build the choke balun and a hot-melt glue gun.  If you’re American it’s the British version of The Home Depot, except not related to that company in any way shape or form, but that’s a debate for a different blog and a different time.

I spent the last few hour after arriving home putting the balun together, I now have it completed and almost ready for operation, I enclose a picture of my work below.


I have not stripped the end of the coaxial cable on the top of the balun yet, that will be done before it goes into the loft.  With a bit of luck this should be in service with the antenna tomorrow and the gateway will be tested on it.

If you’re on the Free Radio Network keep an ear out, you know my callsign by now, if you’re coming in to the Free Radio Network via PC, the CB gateway is RMDCBG, though I may change this to be prefixed with 26, owing to it being in England, which is 26 division on the AT division list.

I’ve taken the dummy load and SWR meter off the CB gateway radio, and have these plugged into the Moonraker FA5000 instead, this radio is parked on EU1 in preperation for the tuning tomorrow.

I will report back tomorrow once the antenna is tuned or whether I’ve not been able to get the antenna tuned.


73 de 26CT730

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