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Sunday 9 February 2014

CB testing

I recently constructed a dummy load, using instructions I found on the Internet, that consists of nothing more than salt water, a container, a SO239 in top of container, some silicone sealant, and two pieces of copper wire (Google search for "salt water dummy load" if you're interested and want to make this yourself), because it contains salt water and a large amount of RF will heat it up, it makes it perfect for use on legal CB radios that output at 4 watts, at the moment it is connected to my Midland 78 Plus Multi B, though I plan to swap it to my Moonraker FA5000 as I reserved the Midland for car use.

The primary reason for connecting it up is because I had built it some weeks ago and had initially calibrated it on the Midland, and after that it had been stood for some time so I was not sure if it was still working as it did when I built it.  I do own a Zetagi DL50 dummy load that can take 50 watts but reserve this for serious rig testing (for example if I suspect the finals have blown in a CB), this saltwater load, which I keep connected to a spare SWR meter, is for using the rigs short range, for example testing the received audio on the Free Radio Network CB gateway, as I suspect right now that it is a bit over the top on some rigs, it appeared to be on my Midland 78 so I will look into dropping the volume down a touch, the test room parrot may be of some help here, thus the secondary reason for connecting it to a radio.

I have to go to conduct the remaining audio tests on the gateway, as well as other things, so will return soon with more of my goings on in the world of hobby radio

73 de 26CT730

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