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Saturday 15 February 2014

The DX5000, is it worth it?

I am looking into treating myself to the K-PO DX5000 for my birthday in April, the question is though, is this radio worth the money?

I have heard mixed reports about it, and over time it has got better, the current version is version 6.

This radio is also known as the Anytone AT5555, the Maas DX5000, the Intek HR5500 and other names

Out of the factory it is generally programmed for the 10-meter Amateur band and thus sold as a radio for that band, but it is expandable to cover the 11-meter band as well, generally this has to be done with a data cable.

Power outputs are reportedly 12 Watts AM, and about 40 Watts FM and SSB* however this is adjustable on AM and FM (not SSB as the power output is dependent on your audio going in).  Though the UK gets SSB and AM on the midband this year, the power output is 12 Watts PEP for a legal radio on SSB and 4 Watts on AM, and as this radio exceeds it it would not be legal to use on the midband for SSB and AM.

When I get this radio, I will hook it up to a dummy load and see what is what with it, and can report further, receive would require me to connect it to an antenna, the antenna that I have in my loft for the CB gateway works OK on receive but it also is very prone to picking up QRM owing to it's location, but at least I'll have some idea if I do, and having looked at the mic pinout it appears I can avoid plugging the mic in for receive, though to use my powered desk mic I'd have to wire 3 out of the 4 wires.

So, will this radio be worth the money I will be paying for it? We shall see, and I hope it to be the first radio I can connect to my Sirio GPE 5/8 as that antenna will be going up when I get a house, and there's only so much you can do in a council-rented flat, and an antenna with radials on it won't get past the planners, housing, or my grumpy downstairs neighbour, a shame really because I'm on a hill and that's a good location for good DXing.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled, a DX5000 will hopefully be appearing in my shack very soon.

73 de 26CT730

*SSB power output is measured as PEP (Peak Envelope Power)

PS, I will probably make a small video on my thoughts of the DX5000 after I get it, that will be available here and on YouTube, probably with another video later, keep watching this space