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Sunday 16 March 2014

Scooter CB... the reality coming soon maybe?

As you may recall I have been planning on investing in a 50cc scooter to get me about as I am finding bus fares costly and they have indeed gone up, a second issue that has since arisen is cuts to all the bus services in the local area that are not commercially run, that would be 95% of them, you may also remember I plan to install a CB radio and chose a Midland Alan 42 Multi for this very reason.

Once I have the scooter I can properly look at fitting anything needed, including a cigarette lighter socket for radio power, though I plan to fit one anyway for my phone as I may need to charge it on the go.

once I have looked at the scooter and located where best to fit the coax, mount, and the radio itself, as well as fitting a headset in my motorcycle helmet then I should in theory be able to chat on the move on the CB in a limited capacity, what I would also need to check is that the engine, a GY6 type engine, doesn't generate any QRM, if it does generate any it may be difficult to isolate, however I can only check for this when the engine is running and running at various different RPM as any QRM may get worse at different RPM.

I'll keep you informed.

73 de 26CT730

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