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Sunday 26 October 2014

DXpedition called off

Due to extremely strong winds, so strong I could not open the car door, I decided against DXing at Tan Hill, and arrived at Emley Moor (my second choice) too late to do anything due to heavy traffic on the motorways.

It is a shame I was unable to DX as Tan Hill is a superb spot for DXing due to it's elevation as is Emley Moor which is why there is a broadcast facility there to cover West Yorkshire and some parts of North and South Yorkshire, of course I'd have found a spot some distance away from the broadcast tower to avoid interference to and from it.

If the wind dies down I will plan to set up the T2LT near to my home address in time for The Big Net in November, I've missed previous UK CB big nets but would like to take part in this one, and as my T2LT is a temporary structure I should, in theory, be able to operate on it then remove it when I am finished, not sure I have sufficient cable though, this I need to deal with before I can go on air from home.

Also I am planning on getting a working PMR446 bazooka antenna on the gateway radio very soon, an antenna of this type is so small and unnoticeable that no one would really care that's it is there, it should improve coverage somewhat after I had a station on the A1 use the gateway a few days ago.

73 de 26CT730

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