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Wednesday 29 October 2014

RTL-SDR enclosure prepped

I picked up 2 different diameter hole saws today to enable me to cut the hole needed in the lid of the tin for the USB connector for the SDR, the connector was fitted after a suitable hole cut and another hole drilled through for a screw (a second screw will be sourced and used later to finish the job).

A connecting lead for the antenna socket on the stick was sourced from the magnetic mount stick antenna that was supplied with the RTL-SDR stick, it was simply a small amount cut from the lead with the MCX connector intact, the cut off end was simply prepped and soldered to the appropriate points on the BNC connector, with the excess trimmed off, continuity was checked before the lead was connected to the stick.

The stick was then tested with just the antenna socket, I installed the SDR# software to do this, it worked as it should have done, the stick was then connected to the USB socket inside the tin lid and the tin closed up, it still works, the NA-771 antenna is not tuned for everything the RTL-SDR is capable of tuning to, but it seemed to work OK in the broadcast band, it of course worked fine in the 2-meter band and on PMR446 (PMR446 frequencies fall into the 70cm band in the US so to be expected). I tried it on 11-meters including on 27.555 MHz, but no luck, partly due to being indoors and partly due to being the wrong antenna for the band, a final test was to see if broadcast reception was eliminated while inside the tin, it was.

The last stage of this project is to fasten the USB connector down properly with one final screw, silicone seal the inside of the tin to be sure that no leaks can occur, fill it with oil after the silicone sealant has cured, and immerse the operating RTL-SDR into it, the reason I want it operating while I do this is to ensure that the stick continues to work while immersed in oil, SDR for mariners claims that it does.

It has taken me a bit of time but I finally have got the tin fitted out.

73 de 26CT730

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