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Wednesday 24 January 2018

further delay in clearing out the shack

It was my plan to start moving the storage boxes from the shack back into the storage cupboard across the hall from it this week, however due to unreliability the smart meters were not installed (I had no phone call and no one came to the door) and therefore I have to put clearing the shack back out on hold until mid-February.

This comes as a bit of a blow as I wanted to make a start in getting things cleared and had a few antenna ideas in mind that might work to get me on air temporarily better than what I have but without the available space this cannot happen, as I need the space to measure out wires at least.

What this also impedes is good access to my operating position, though I can get to it as I kept the path clear for the plumbers to bleed the radiators if they had to, there is my old television directly in front of my shack desk and this has no place to go until I remove the rest of the items, with me also losing space to the boiler it makes this a harder task.

It doesn't prohibit me from operating though I'm pretty much limited to 2-metres and 70cm as the equipment away from the shack, save the handheld CBs that may as well just be two bean cans and a piece of string, is only on those bands.

Well I have a new appointment to get the smart meters done on the 19th February, hopefully they'll actually arrive

73 de 2E0EIJ

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